tile Roofing

Tile is almost resistant to the elements, which makes it a perfect roof system. It is virtually maintenance-free and is also considered an energy-efficient type of roof system. Tile is fire resistant and can resist winds up to 120miles per hour.

Tile roofing is a costly type of roof installation as the materials are pricier and need a strong frame to hold up the heavy load of the tiles, which may need additional structure work. On the other hand, a tile roofing system will last your Boca Raton area residence for years to come, improve the resale value of your residence, and is very aesthetically pleasant.

The benefits of tile roofing are many:

  • Strength and toughness: Since tile roofs are frequently formed with hard-bitten clay or cement, they can endure wind and storms that would obliterate other types of material
  • Enduring:With appropriate installation and standard maintenance, concrete tile particularly can last much longer than other types of roofing
  • Aesthetic flexibility: Disparate traditional shingles, clay tile roofing is obtainable in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, providing stylistic alternatives for any kind of job.

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